Speaking Vibrations is a unique, contemporary and genre-defying performance work in ASL song/poetry, music and dance, designed for d/Deaf, hard of hearing, and non-deaf audiences.

This work is audial (song, spoken word, percussive dance) visual (ASL song/poetry, dance, dynamic projections captions) and tactile (vibrotactile devices worn by audience members enable the experience of sound as feeling and vibration).

Speaking Vibrations is based out of Ottawa, Ontario the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg, and is the next evolution of immersive and accessible performance art. We aim to disrupt notions of performance art categorization, of who can perform, enjoy and fully experience performance art.

Speaking Vibrations is a multidisciplinary devised performance made by four artists with an extensive range of skills and artistries. One thing that strikes me so distinctly about this piece is its generosity. The pace allows us to wade in slowly. The production functions like poetry rather than narrative; each line, each gesture, illuminating an idea and building to something greater. There is a show happening for a Deaf audience and there is a show happening for a hearing audience and they are the same show. This integration is unusual. It is a vision of a more equitable, beautiful and interrelated world.

May this vision and interrelatedness inspire us all.”

– Sarah Kitz (Artistic Director, Great Canadian Theatre Company, 2022)