Access is our aesthetic.

Accessibility is built into Speaking Vibrations’ aesthetic and audience experience design, through d/Deaf storytelling (highlighting d/Deaf lived experience, ASL sign/poetry, visual vernacular) and creative digital technology (dynamic captions, vibrotactile devices, and a bass shaker built into the stage floor, which allows for all performers to keep time and feel the BPM of their songs.

Several of of our group members work in sign language interpreting, video captioning, ASL consulting, Deaf interpreting and in telecommunications for Canadian Administrator of Video Relay Service (CAV-VRS), a service which enables Deaf, Hard of Hearing or speech-impaired Canadians who use ASL and LSQ to make phone calls with Internet-based videoconferencing technology. 

If you are an artist or presenter, Speaking Vibrations is happy to answer any questions you might have about how to make your production more accessible.

Accessing this website

We want our website to be accessible to all and have developed it to suit different needs. This website is WCAG compliant.

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